Steve Biko Legacy Classes

The Steve Biko Centre, an initiative of the Steve Biko Foundation, will facilitate a workshop exploring the role played by Bantu Stephen Biko & Black Consciousness in the South African liberation struggle.

Date: May 11, 2012
Facilitator: Mr. Jongi Hoza

The following schools will be visiting us;

Kwamhlontlo Senior Secondary School
Cacadu Senior Secondary School
Thembekile Senior Secondary School
Gcinubuzwe Senior Secondary School
Shawbury Senior Secondary School

For bookings you may contact Mr. Jongi Hoza on 043 642 1177 or via e-mail at during office hours.

Below are pictures from a previous visit by Elukhanyisweni High School.

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  1. Wonderful to see these pictures of young minds being made conscious of our legacy as Africans. Too often we are made to believe our history is irrelevant and as I was browsing through the comments I noticed how no commentary is made even of the events attended. I would urge the moderators to write reports about the events and their intentions and the outcome of those events. I am wondering if it is lack of internet access that makes people less active online however I hope the firebrand of Steve Biko never dies out. We need to conscioutize our youth especially those growing up in these trecherous times when the white racists have taken a more covert approach to their dealings while still with the same intentions as before, that is to dominate in all areas of people activity while the Africans are servile to their whims.
    I have put together a website,
    I am hoping to develop this into a much broader platform with the intention of promoting African Unity on the continent, to promote peace and restoration of our wealth. Our wealth is in our consciousness and the way we deal with each other. Therefore I believe with right knowledge and understanding of where we have come from we will have a better understanding of where we need to go, therefore it is important that we unite as Africans. The state of the african union is ruins and our ruins have become tourist attractions. We need to be ashamed of that.

  2. Many thanks for your comment Mr. Mpofu. The Foundation is very happy to hear about your initiative on