Afrika Who Are You

They speak about you in corners naming and renaming you, third world, underdeveloped, developing...
Afrika who are you?

They say you are the dark continent
The land of the hopeless
Disease struck pagans people with no purpose
Afrika who are you?

The media called you a child soldier,
I hear you are famine-ridden
It’s known the world over

Afrika speak for yourself, is any of this true?
Afrika who are you?

Sons and daughters of the soil call you Azania: the motherland.
The womb of humanity
Philosopher, teacher, birthplace of humility
Afrika who are you?

The producer of gold and diamond, the world’s stolen diamond
Courage, hope, wisdom, unity
Africa who are you?

Nkrumah, Sobukwe, Fanon, Biko, Nyerere, Mda, Lembede, Afrika who are you?

I can't define myself outside of you
So Afrika, who are you?

By: Gcinumzi Nkohla

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  1. Wow, this is a powerful poem. Its asks a very important question, which as rhetorical as it is,needs to be answered. It needs to be answered by African academics, African leaders, Africans themselves. Brilliant poem Gcinumzi Nkohla.

  2. I love this kind of peotry, it's like reading a person's soul and emotions, it's real and simple. Thank you GciNumzi, you're an inspiration.

  3. I have nothing to say but yoh, this is just too awesome.I am tongue tied in awe of this awesomness, I'm dumstruck. Taking my hat off....excellence

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