The Ginsberg Easter Festival

The Steve Biko Centre
The Ginsberg Easter Festival
“Resurrecting our Narrative of Identity and Village Spirit.”

A harvest of stories weaved by evocative physical movement, images, choral singing, dance, poetry, and expressions of identity dialogues. Inspired by the notion of Ubuntu, the experience took its audience on a journey of self realization and discovery described by Biko as the quest for a true humanity. Shaped by popular symbols, images, and communal voice, this voyage explored the collective stories, popular memories and history of the region as a platform for reflection on todays burning issues.

“Resurrecting the archived stories and excavating the narrative spirit of Eastern Cape.”

The performance took place on the platform at the King Williams Town Train station and took the audience on a journey to rediscover and reconstruct the village spirit. Enabling Eastern Cape to claim its stolen memory and putting its narratives back to its landscape.

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