Magnet Theatre Presents: Voices Made Night

Magnet Theatre in association with The Steve Biko Centre, an initiative of the Steve Biko Foundation, presents;
Adapted from the short stories Vozes Anoitecidas by © Mia Couto, originally published by Editorial Caminho.

Mia Couto's wonderfully imagistic tales confront head-on the difficulties facing post-colonial societies in the process of transformation. They offer unique insights into the psychic damage, which has been the legacy, both of colonial history and the wars of de-colonisation, but there is no sense of hopelessness or despair in the work as a whole because of the immensely creative manner in which the stories are told and the rich and creative life of the imagination of his characters.

When one first read Couto's stories one is struck by the visually exciting metaphoric images that provide perfect material for Magnet Theatre’s physical style of theatre. Couto’s writing and Magnet’s style is a perfect match. The language is dense and multi-layered providing ample opportunity to tease out the images in the physical space of the theatre in a profound and arresting way.

Voices Made Night reflects all of Magnet Theatre’s orientations as a company – a focus on creative, innovative and sophisticated African theatre which engages with their present condition in Southern Africa; a commitment to developing theatre that consistently challenges form, the roles of theatre, its reach; the prioritising of the body and the physical image.

Magnet Theatre is strongly focused on youth development, running a fulltime Training and Job Creation programme in Cape Town and Community Arts Development in the Cederberg Municipality and Cape Town Townships.
This year marks 25 years of Magnet Theatre producing innovatively exciting and critically engaging theatre.

For this production Magnet Theatre is supported by the Steve Biko Foundation, Arta Cape and the University of Cape Town.

Performances at The Steve Biko Centre (Weir Hall, Ginsberg - King William’s Town) are presented by Magnet Theatre by arrangement with Literarische Agentur Mertin, Inh. Nicole Witt e. K. Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

The Steve Biko Performing Arts and Culture Programme

The Steve Biko Centre “Abelusi” Performing Arts Training Programme
The Steve Biko Centre “Izithole” Performing Arts Programme
The Steve Biko Centre “Imbewu” Performing Arts Programme

Synopsis -The Steve Biko Centre “Abelusi” Performing Arts Training Programme

This is a full-time training program in the performing arts for young people over 18 years wherein their performing arts skills are challenged and developed in various disciplines through research, creation, performances and workshops facilitation. This group also enjoys the responsibility of working with Izithole and Imbewu in facilitation and skills transfer under professional supervision as part of assuming the responsibility for community building and community cohesion. Through their productions and projects they also gain employment opportunities in support of the economic sustainability focus of the Foundations programmatic activities.

Synopsis - The Steve Biko Centre “Izithole” Performing Arts Programme

Through this skill development program The Steve Biko Centre actively involves itself in reviving the sprit of performing arts and culture in schools by engaging young people at high school level in performing arts, and in oral history and expressions of their culture through interactive workshops, production making, performance, and interdisciplinary festivals inside and outside school premises. The programme additionally involves their teachers in active and participatory roles so as to both upskill the educator as well as affirm the strong links between teacher, leaner and community.

Synopsis -The Steve Biko Centre “Imbewu” Performing Arts Programme

Through this program The Steve Biko Centre invests in the future of performing arts and culture by engaging young people at primary school level in performing arts and culture through interactive workshops. Learners in the Imbewu Programme also participate in our projects, festivals and productions.

Steve Biko Performing Arts Upcoming Performances

What?:“Giant In Him”schools performances
Where?: The Steve Biko Centre
When?: 17-30-July2012
By Whom?: TSBC Abelusi

What?: “Biko – The Quest for True Humanity” dance production
Where?: TBC
When?: 27-31-Aug.2012
By Whom?: Jazzart Theatre Dance Co. & TSBC Abelusi
Bookings:Jongi or Kholosa (043) 642 1177

What?:“Womens’ Voices” touring presentation
Where?:Buffalo City Metro
When?:August 2012
By Whom?:TSBC Abelusi
Cost: Free
Bookings: Jongi or Kolosa (043) 642 1177
What?:“Mendi : Did We Dance” theatrical presentation
Where?:The Steve Biko Centre
By Whom?:Mendi Cast
Bookings: Jongi or Kholosa (043) 642 1177/ 078 400 8981

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