Dear Steve Biko

Thank you.

Thank you for dedicating your life, short as it was, to standing firm for what you believed in. Because of you, I’m proud to be a smart black woman. Because of you, I don’t have issues with being a “clever” black.

I understand the power of knowledge and continue to learn. The world has changed tremendously since you were of this world but the problems are not that different. But I understand that the change starts with me. Because I claim to know better, I need to do better.

I was introduced to your works and your story by my mother, a product of Black Consciousness. I’m fully aware of my blackness and the power it holds.
Although the focus of the world is how you would not be pleased with the current state of affairs, many miss that there are many black youth and adults who are living your teachings.

Through reading, writing and teaching – they too understand their power. The fight continues. You promoted mental emancipation. Hence today I question everything and don’t just accept things just because everybody thinks it is ‘fine’.
I believe that when you said black people must move away from thinking they are inferior you meant we should have a “can do” attitude to life. And that is precisely what my mother enforced in me through your teachings.

I’m not inferior because of my gender or my race. In fact I am powerful because I hold them dear to my heart.
Your spirit lives on. I’m optimistic about the black condition. We are less than 20 years into the democracy – mistakes are being made but we will rise from the current state of affairs.

Thank you again for your teachings. Today as I write this: I am alive and proud.

By: Tokiso Molefe

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