This is the task now before you, AFRIKAN BLOOD student. Put your people before yourself. Forsake individualism for peoplehood, me for us, individual aspirations for community aspirations. Make the sacrifices necessary to struggle for your people.

You owe your education to the masses of your people, no matter which field of study you choose. Doors open to you today are cracked only because AFRIKAN BLOOD people sweated, bled and died yesterday. Do not betray your history by failing to acknowledge this debt...

To put your people before yourself is only the beginning of your responsibilities as a serious AFRIKAN BLOOD student. You must learn to define, determine and represent AFRIKAN BLOOD interests as well.

To perform these tasks properly, you must liberate or free your mind from its mental slavery and develop an Africentric consciousness. By Africentric consciousness, I mean the world view that recognizes the legitimacy and validity of Afrikan interests, goals, objectives, values and culture and utilizes an AFRIKAN frame of referrence.

Developing an Africentric consciousness is no easy task, but a task that must be done if our students are to be assets rather than liabilities."

By: Zak A. Kondo

An excerpt from "The Black Student's Guide to Positive Education"

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