Biko’s Quest at the Grahamstown National Arts Festival

The Steve Biko Centre’s Abelusi Performing Arts Corps and the Jazzart Dance Theatre collaborate on a dance production entitled Biko’s Quest at the Grahamstown National Arts Festival.

Date: 2nd and 3rd July, 2013
Venue: Transnet Great Hall
Time: 12:00 and 18:00 both days

Biko’s Quest is a dance production inspired by the Steve Biko Foundation’s (SBF) exhibition, The Quest for a True Humanity, commissioned by the Department of Education in 2007, and developed in partnership with the Apartheid Museum. The exhibition has toured South Africa.Biko’s Quest draws inspiration from the exhibition’s portrayal of Biko’s life and death through photography. Drawing from the original work, this dance production translates Biko’s Quest for a True Humanity from one art form (photography) to another (dance and performance). In so doing, the production re-visits the contemporary relevance of Steve Biko and his quest for a true humanity.Through Biko’s Quest, the Steve Biko Centre brings you an interpretation of Biko’s vision and interrogates how far the South African society has progressed in becoming a nation with a more human face.

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