“Ukuvuselela ubuntu eluntwini” “Resurrecting Village Spirit”...The Steve Biko Centre’s 2nd Annual Ginsberg Easter Festival

From April 6th to 7th 2012, the Steve Biko Centre, an initiative of the Steve Biko Foundation, will host the second Ginsberg Easter Festival, “Resurrecting the Village Spirit” around the streets of Ginsberg Township, King William’s Town.

The Steve Biko Centre’s Ginsberg Easter Festival is an annual program of the Centre’s Performing Arts and Culture Programme. The Festival is designed as an event to promote community participation and to build the bonds of community by raising the spirit of communalism among the audience.

The festival will take its audience on a journey of self-realization and discovery, a process described by Steve Biko himself as the quest for a true humanity. The production is shaped by popular symbols, images, and communal voices. The voyage will explore the collective stories, popular memories and history of the region; using them as a platform for reflection on today’s pressing issues, by resurrecting the spirit of the Eastern Cape from its historic landscape to the contemporary urban village.

Alongside dialogues, dance, images, poetry, and evocative movement will be a storytelling session for children. Interdisciplinary and site specific performances presented by leading local artists. The festival is presented in partnership with the British Council of South Africa, the Ginsberg Taxi Association, Lovedale College Drama Department (Alice –Campus), the Remix Dance Company, Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality, the South African Police Service, the Eastern Cape Provincial Arts and Culture Council, Township Times and Trufm

For further information please contact the Steve Biko Foundation on 043-642 1177 or via email at jongi@sbf.org.za or visit www.sbf.org.za.

Below are photographs from the 1st Annual Ginsberg Easter Festival.

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