The Steve Biko Centre, a project of the Steve Biko Foundation and Remix Dance Company, an integrated dance company now collaborate a piece under the directorship of Mandla Mbothwe.
Two performances
40mins piece
Performed at the Cape Town Station and its suroundings
Infecting The City Festival: “Uvuko Resurrection” a 40mins Performance on the 07th and 09th March 2012 at 15:15pm at Cape Town Train Station Square.
Performed by The Steve Biko Centre’s Abelusi and Remix Dance Company
Dramatic and Magnetic! Performers lead a procession through the streets of Cape Town, conjuring up the deep-seated local stories that lie dormant, pulling us inexorably to a sacred space.

This 40mins performance will also be influenced by the site chosen and shaped by the participant’s narratives through the creative process’ helping hand, Jazzart and choreography by Ina Wichterich.
Thus said, The Steve Biko Centre, Remix Dance Company and the creative team, welcomes audiences to a Public Art Production that will trigger emotions and provoke audiences to ask questions they are too uncomfortable to confront.

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