Back to Consciousness!

By going "Back to Consiousness", we mean that we should all go back to Biko's teachings on Black Conciousness where our lives are dedicated to the betterment of our black communities, regardless of the negatives we see in them. Remember, all of the realities in these communities (crime, poverty, etc) are a result of a long history of deliberate denigration and oppression of the black world and only WE can change this.

If you think you are excused from this because you are a part of an 'integrated' and 'multiracial' circle, Biko says "the black-white mixed circles are static circles with neither direction nor programme. In this sort of set-up one sees a perfect example of what oppression has done to the blacks. They have been made to feel inferior for so long that for them it is comforting todrink tea, wine or beer with whites who seem to treat them as equals. This serves to boost up their own ego to the extent of making them feel slightly superior to those blacks who do not get similar treatment from whites. These are the sort of blacks who are a danger to the community.

Instead of directing themselves at their black brothers and looking at their common problems from a common platform, they choose to sing out their lamentations to an apparently sympathetic audience that has become proficient in saying the chorus of 'shame!'

Join us, we are going Back to Consciousness.

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