White Consciousness?

A number of white people have voiced their support for the black struggle. They have said that Biko not only brought about Black Consciousness but also White Consciousness. The truth of this only rests in what they do with this consciousness in their own communities. While blacks work on themsleves, Biko says;

"Rather, all true white liberals must realise that the place for their fight for justice is within their white society. The liberals must realise that they themselves are oppressed. If they are true liberals therefore they must fight for their own freedom and not that of the nebulous 'they' with whom they can hardly claim identification. The liberal must apply himself with absolute dedication to the idea of educating his white brothers that the history of the country may have to be re-written at some stage and that we may live in 'a country where colour will not serve to put a man in a box'."

Whites must also work in their own communities before anything. There is a lot of work that must be done there in conscientisation.

In the mean time, We are going Back to Consciousness!


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