The Steve Biko Legacy Classes to Host The Qumbu District Schools

The Steve Biko Centre, an initiative of the Steve Biko Foundation, continues to facilitate legacy classes exploring the role played by Bantu Stephen Biko & Black Consciousness in the South African liberation struggle.

Currently, Steve Biko is a part of the school curriculum for grades 4, 9, 11 and 12. Biko also frequently appears on the matric exam. These factors make hosting students an integral part of the Foundation’s educational program. To facilitate these visits, SBF has developed Biko Legacy Lectures, which teachers book to bring their classes to in advance. During these lectures, an SBF program officer details relevant aspects of Biko’s life and the Black Consciousness Movement according to the requirements of the class. Students are also provided with worksheets that are then discussed in order to create an interactive environment.

On Friday April 26, 2013, we host the following Schools from the Qumbu Cluster District of Education:

1. Lutuka Senior Secondary School
2. Qumbu Village Senior Secondary School
3. Nkwiliso Senior Secondary School
4. Shawbury Senior Secondary School
5. Luthubeni Senior Secondary School

For bookings you may contact Mr. Jongi Hoza on 043 605 6700 or during office hours.

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