Being African is a Great Privilege

BY Sibulele Magini

For me, being an African means more than just being born and living in Africa. It has a greater sentimental meaning deeply rooted in my love for my continent, our cultures (though diverse but still connect in many areas), our languages, our strong and brave mothers, our traditional religion and many of our values and principles. Africa is the birthplace of humility and of ubuntu and as an African I carry that with me in my dealings and encounters with my fellow brothers and sisters. Africa is a place of love, care, respect and honour. My fellow African's sorrow is my sorrow, their pain is my pain and their joy is my joy. Being an African means I'm born of warriors and brave women that selflessly fought for a peaceful world me so that we can live in harmony. They died so that I live. I'm talking about the legendary Bantu Biko, the son of Mamcethe and most importantly the son of Africa, Mangaliso Sobukwe, Govan Mbeki, Winnie Mandela, Makana Nxele, Chief Ndlambe, King Hintsa etc. I'm happy and proud to be the child of this remarkably wonderful land with its amazing people who care about each. Africa is my home; the land of my ancestors.

Qhudeni, Mpafana, Thukela, Mvelase, Ngoza, Sonyangashe, Macocobela, Mchumane, Makhonz' egoduka.

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