Takalani Sesame Commemorates 
World Aids Day

World AIDS Day 2013 Call-To-Action Campaign: Monday, 
18th November to Friday, 13th December

Takalani Sesame is a children’s educational series on SABC 1 & 2 and on SABC radio that has been on air for 12 years.  Much loved HIV positive character Kamogelo, also known as Kami, will commemorate World AIDS Day on December 1st this year by staging an online multimedia campaign that invites people to build an interactive digital AIDS ribbon. People from South Africa and around the world will be invited to help their favourite muppets build the online ribbon. South Africa and the world will come together to learn about and express their love and support for those living with and affected by HIV/AIDS. This campaign is also a how-to for grown-ups and older siblings to speak with young children about HIV/AIDS.

Takalani Sesame, currently in its 6th season with brand new formats for television, also broadcasts on radio as well as on newly launched multiple digital platforms. On television, episodes are in 5 languages – Tshivenda, Sepedi, isiZulu, Afrikaans and English. On radio, episodes are currently in 5 languages will be in all 11 official languages by January 2014.

Takalani Sesame is brought to viewers and listeners in partnership with Sesame Workshop, the non-profit educational organization behind Sesame Street, the Department of Basic Education (DBE), Sanlam, SABC and the producers of the show Kwasukasukela (KWK), a joint venture between Ochre Moving Pitctures and Kwa Flights of Fancy. 

Please be a Participant - How to Build the Digital Ribbon
You can help Kami and her friends Zikwe, Zuzu, Neno and Moshe make the digital ribbon grow simply bysending a message OR postingphotos of you and your friends in ribbon shaped poses OR forward images of drrawings of ribbons you have made OR just by sending your name.

You can use any of the following platforms:
-                 Facebook:   www.facebook.com/takalani.sesame.edu  to like, comment, post a video, or send a picture
-                 Twitter: @lovetakalani   OR   #takalanisesameworldaidsday
-                 SMS: 33470     Your SMS/Text must read:   WAD Your Name and Surname
(SMS cost R1.50. Errors billed.  Free Minutes do NOT apply. T&C apply)
-                 WhatsApp: 073-123-4567
-                 E-mail: WAD@takalanisesame.mobi
-                 Website: www.takalanisesame.co.za  

By sending Kami a SMS-text, picture and/or audio-visual message via Facebook, Twitter, SMS, e-mail, WhatsApp, or the website between Monday 18th November – Friday 13th December, participants will be helping Kami achieve her goal of building a digital World AIDS Day ribbon with the most number of people possible. You can play your part because every interaction with Kami counts—and builds!

Please Spread the Word
We would greatly appreciate it if you would forward this announcement to all your contacts via any of these platforms:
-                 Facebook:   www.facebook.com/takalani.sesame.edu  to like, comment, post a video, or send a picture
-                 Twitter: @lovetakalani   OR   #takalanisesameworldaidsday
-                 SMS: 33470     Your SMS/Text must read:   WAD Your Name and Surname
(SMS cost R1.50. Errors billed.  Free Minutes do NOT apply. T&C apply)
-                 WhatsApp: 073-123-4567
-                 E-mail: WAD@takalanisesame.mobi
-                 Website: www.takalanisesame.co.za 
Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu and the Desmond & Leah Tutu Legacy Foundation (www.tutu.org.za) have lent their support to the campaign by filming a message to encourage viewers to get involved. Actress Kristen Bell is also lending her support to Kami’s ribbon-building campaign with a special video message of her own. These video messages will be broadcast on SABC and can be viewed on our Facebook page www.facebook.com/takalani.sesame.edu  and on our website www.takalanisesame.co.za

Educating Children About HIV/AIDS
Whilst we want our audiences, the young and the young at heart, to enjoy the excitement of making the ribbon, this call-to-action is also a thoughtful campaign to educate children, inform them, raise their awareness and help bring children together for national and international solidarity. We concretely help grown-ups and older siblings engage with and or repeat/transfer ideas and facts to young children with developmentally appropriate accuracy and clarity. Takalani Sesame always uses high-quality content resources. These reputable material assets are from various arms of the United Nations, South Africa’s Departments of Health / Basic Education / Social Development, and our very own award-winning public service announcement initiative, Talk to Me – The Make A Difference Booklet.

An impact assessment of the series revealed that exposure to Takalani Sesame on television or radio was associated with improvements in 3- to 6-year-old children’s knowledge and attitudes regarding HIV and AIDS. Educators also noted improvements in HIV and AIDS knowledge among children: Before exposure to Takalani Sesame, 25 percent of educators indicated that the children had understood or heard of HIV and AIDS; after exposure, the figure increased to 80 percent (Khulisa Management Services (2005). Impact Assessment of Takalani Sesame Season II Programe. Report prepared for the Takalani Sesame Project at SABC Educational Television. Johannesburg, South Africa.)

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