The Steve Biko Foundation Mourns Madiba’s Passing

Dr. Nelson Mandela
The Steve Biko Foundation (SBF) mourns the passing of Former President Nelson Mandela. We send our warm and heartfelt condolences to the family, friends and colleagues of Dr Mandela at this trying time.

While saddened by his passing, the Foundation also celebrates the enormous contribution Madiba made to peace and reconciliation. “Although we all knew he was old and frail by now, his passing saddens us, as individuals and as a nation. The memory of his selfless struggle for justice, equality and human dignity will continue to inspire coming generations” said SBF CEO Nkosinathi Biko“.

Whilst mourning the passing of Madiba, we also celebrate the life that he lived.  Nelson Mandela was the pivotal point of the successful and peaceful transition from the apartheid state to a peaceful democratic nation.  He should be lauded for not harbouring hate or feelings of retribution, but rather becoming a servant of all South Africans and fostering reconciliation between all the racial groups in South Africa.  

Emails and social media posts from SBF leaders and employees all have the same basic message of sadness and reverence for the late Nelson Mandela.  The national flag at the Steve Biko Center in Ginsberg, King William’s Town will continue hanging half-mast for the duration of the mourning period. The Foundation has erected a commemoration wall for Madiba at the Steve Biko Center to allow community members to place their commemorative messages and flowers.

May his gallant spirit continue to inspire people all around the world. Rest in Peace Madiba.

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